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The track system Schunk CombiLine

The innovative, environmentally friendly and cost-effective track system for ski jumps

Single track system for summer and winter use
• High-strength guide track channels made of epoxy resin – fiber composite
All-round efficient cold insulation, minimal energy losses;
Low energy costs for ice production and provision;
Installation of the ice system also subsequently possible (cost sharing)
Remote monitoring of ice production and provision
Wear-resistant track knobs with ceramic fuller
Massive and compact ice layer
Continuously adjustable irrigation system
Installation of the newest inrun gradient with transition curve
Millimeter precise assembly in alignment and height
Permanently very low operating and maintenance costs;
High degree of pre-fabrication, short installation time
Compressed air system for the track cleaning optional
Own engineering planning according to the latest FIS building regulations
Cost-effective total package

Our engineering company has acquired extensive knowledge and experiences in the planning and building of modern ski jumps. The ski jumps are our specialty! We have used our experience in the modern ski-jump construction and developed a track system – SCHUNK CombiLine – for summer and winter use, which contains the latest technical knowledge and requirements, as well as being, however, very cost-effective. The ski jump operators permanently save up to 70% of the oper-ating costs and spare the environment.

Our track elements are manufactured from a piece of epoxy resin – fiber composite with a length up to 2,50 m in a correct form and millimeter precisely, a material that is widely used in the aircraft and automobile industry. The hollow spaces are filled against energy losses with very highly insulated PUR foam – WLG 024. All necessary assembly openings are installed.

Our assembly system ensures a millimeter precise installation not only in the height, but also in the alignment. Particularly, we can manufacture the most modern inrun gradient with the cubic parabola as a transition curve and, if necessary, changed ski-jump table inclination and length.

We have newly developed the knob arrangement and formation of knobs and adjusted according to the hydraulic conditions between the ski and the track. The knobs are made of high-strength epoxy resin – fiber composite, which we also harden with ceramic fillers. This way we achieve the well-known good sliding abilities and the extremely high wear resistance of cermic tracks, but at a consid-erably more favourable price.


1) fibre composite profile, 2) track for ice mill, 3) heat/cold insulation, 4) water line
5) cooling line, 6) sliding element, 7) ice layer

SCHUNK CombiLine also allows a time-delayed installation of the cooling system, if for the present the funding is not sufficient for the total package. All required openings are prepared. For refitting, only the sliding element is to be disassembled and then installed again.

The cooling system is covered all-round with efficient thermal or cold insulation, with its use energy losses are reduced significantly, the start for the ice production is effected considerably faster, the ice provision needs permanently approx. 2/3 less time and energy in comparison with other systems, and you save this way up to 70 % of operating costs.

Our cooling system can be remotely controlled, i.e. all necessary data for the ice production and its provision are displayed to its ski-jump operator on his PC and can be, if necessary, controlled from it.

The ice production is very simple and can be handled just by 1 person, as the irrigation system of the summer track is also used for the icing. The ice temperature can be segmentally controlled in such way that independently of the external weather conditions, the same ice temperature and the same inrun speed are ensured over the entire inrun length. The ice is compactly frozen, can be processed very well and is very fast. The ice layer is smoothed with millimetre precision by use of an ice mill and profiled with grooves. The water supply of the track is effected in the center and can be continuously regulated at each feed-in point.

The track can be optionally equipped with a compressed air system, using which contaminants can be easily removed in summer, and in winter, when new snow falls, the fresh snow can be blown from the tracks at a competition level.

We have participated in the development of the jumping measurement system of IAT Leipzig dyna-mometry (Institute for Applied Training Sciences, Leipzig University) in Klingenthal and can integrate it without problems in our track system.

Our system SCHUNK CombiLine has a high degree of pre-manufacturing. We have very short assembly times and the ski-jump can be very quickly used again. We offer a very innovative, environment-friendly and cost-effective track system, which complies with all FIS-standards and which contains the latest knowledge and experience in the modern ski-jump construction.

You save up to 45 % of primary investment costs and, furthermore, have very low operational costs all year round.

We would be pleased, if we awakened your interest and could convince you in the high quality and functionality of our new SCHUNK CombiLine System.

Dipl.- Eng. Rüdiger Schunk
SCHUNK Bauprojekt

P. S.: We can also offer you purely summer track system of epoxy resin – fiber composite for small and medium ski-jumps.