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Schunk Cooled SnowCarpet

World innovation for ski jumps: Technical cooling of the landing slope

• Excellent snow conditions from November to April
Permanently stable snow cover up to + 10°C air temperature
Extension of the snow season by 23 months
Independence of changing outdoor temperatures
Cooling and snow temperatures are steplessly variable
Remote monitoring of the cooling system. 

The increasingly unstable weather conditions during the winter months compromise important international ski jump competitions progressively. Soft and soaked snow covers in landing slopes increase the risk of falling and injuries of the athletes. Cancellations of scheduled competitions lead to significant financial losses of the organisers.

With a technical cooling of the snow cover on the landing slope for ski jumps, a stable snow cover is permanently ensured for training and competition requirements and the above mentioned risks are therefore eliminated. This system provides planning security for the organisers, it prevents financial losses and extends the snow season by 2-3 months.

At the FIS Congress in Zurich on 5-6/10/2012, we presented our new inrun – SCHUNK COMBI-LINE – to the experts and, deriving from it, we have developed a cooling system for the landing slope of ski jumps.

We guarantee a permanently stable snow cover for training and competition requirements at air temperatures up to +10°C, temporary even up to + 15°C, regardless of the ski jump dimensions. Depending on the financial possibilities and requests of the ski jump operator, the landing slope can be cooled completely or partly (only the landing and run-out areas).

The cooling system is installed stationary on the landing slope. Building a transportable installation is not feasible for these dimensions. Moreover, the matting acts as protective layer and it should not be assembled and dismantled constantly. Large stationary cooling units and powerful distribution lines are also required.

For the mounting of the cooling lines, the surface of the landing slope should preferably be made of concrete or wood. An additional anchoring is necessary for soil or grass surfaces. 

The primary snow cover is made up to 20 cm thick using an old snow depot or artificial snow. The snow cover can also be created with a Pistenpully. Afterwards, the primed landing slope is cooled in such a way that the snow cover is permanently kept in a frozen condition, but no ice crust is formed.

The cooling can be regulated steplessly, also via remote monitoring, and it can be adjusted to the outdoor temperature. In order to reduce energy costs, it is possible and reasonable to switch off the cooling system completely during the night and if the air temperature is low enough.

With this cooling system and our new inrun – SCHUNK COMBI-LINE –, we offer a complete and stable system to the organisers and ski jump operators for the year-round use of modern ski jump installations. The users of our systems will become more independent of the increasingly changing and unstable weather conditions. They will obtain security for important competitions and extend the snow season by 2-3 months at their installations.

Rüdiger Schunk
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